Latin America and Caribbean - Ocean Cargo ( + Specially arranged air freight)

Farnell Freight Forwarders, Inc.
Tel: 904-598-1333
Fax: 904-598-0119

Farnell Freight is pleased to arrange the in-bond transfer of LATAM/Caribbean originating shipments from their arrival at Florida Ocean ports onwards to Bermuda. When your shipment arrives at the US gateway, the delivering carrier must email Farnell Freight an arrival notice. Farnell will then coordinate the in-bond transfer and onward shipment to Bermuda. Farnell cannot be responsible for shipments where they have not been notified by email.

All freight should be pre-booked with Trip Keefe or Ed Hill. Tel: 904-598-1333 must be included on documents and address labels.

Please instruct your suppliers in Latin America or the Caribbean  to deliver freight by their own preferred means to:

Your Name (business or personal)
C/O Farnell Freight Forwarders Inc.
955 Talleyrand Ave
Jacksonville Florida 32206

Invoices and packing lists should be e-mailed in advance to
Freight should be pre-booked with